Ownever Hermès bag repair services

Ownever specializes in the care of Hermès handbags, offering an array of specialized repair, cleaning, and restoration services tailored to preserve the luxury and craftsmanship of these exquisite handbags. Located in Portugal, we offer a convenient pickup and delivery service throughout all of Europe. 


Here’s an overview of the services we provide for your Hermès bag:

Clean and Restoration

Hermès bags are susceptible to everyday wear and tear, including scuffs, cracks, and other damage. Whether your Hermès leather bag is made with clemence, chèvre, swift, togo or box leather (the most delicate one) we can restore it. We use the finest natural polishes and conditioners to gently clean and restore the surfaces of your Hermès bag, effectively removing dirt and stains and returning the leather to its original condition.


Bag Handle Repair

The handles and straps of a Hermès bag can show wear over time due to constant handling. We provide expert repairs or replacements for damaged handles, ensuring every hardware element from buckles to clasps is perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing.



Zipper malfunctions, whether a jammed slider or broken teeth, are a common annoyance but can be readily fixed. Our team can repair your existing zipper or replace it entirely, matching the zipper’s original look and function.


Lining Change

The lining of a bag, often prone to damage, is crucial for its utility. Our artisans can clean or completely replace the lining of your Hermès bag, revitalizing its interior to ensure continued elegance and functionality.


Piping & Stitching

Our repair services extend to worn-out piping and stitching, crucial for maintaining the bag’s structure and appearance. We patch and reinforce these areas, using new leather layers if necessary, and can redye leather to ensure a perfect match.


Color Change and Dying

Looking to transform the color of your bag or refresh a faded shade? Our color change and dying services revitalize your Hermès handbag with rich, hand-applied dyes that preserve the natural texture of the leather, offering a natural and refined finish.


Why Choose Ownever?

At Ownever, your Hermès handbag will receive the highest standard of care, reflecting our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Whether you are seeking routine maintenance or extensive restoration, Ownever is your go-to for ensuring your luxury bag remains a timeless treasure.

For more information on our repair services or to schedule a personalized consultation, please contact us. Discover how our expert services can restore or transform your Hermès handbag to its pristine condition.


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