Repairing is Caring

Got a wonderful handbag that needs fixing? 

If you care about it, then we will too. This is why we will repair it for you.


We don’t just create sustainable luxury pieces; we also fix unique ones. It can be an expensive handbag, a sentimental one, or just your most beloved leather piece. Yes, we can do it.


We have the best hands and techniques to make your handbag as good as new, ready to be even more loved.


We can change the color, fix the handles, remove any mold, take care of worn corners, leather stains… you name it! No matter the brand, no matter the designer, you can trust us, we will make it shine again. 



Start your repair process below: just drop us a brief description of what you need to repair, leave us your email and we will contact you.  


Note: Every piece will get an estimated repair price because every piece is unique and requires a unique treatment.


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