The Story of Ownever


One day I realized that I was happier living with less.

And a challenge was born in this context: create a brand of accessories that are still desired after a few months of use. 

My mission: to make a difference in rampant consumerism and in no way contribute to the fast fashion industry. We are at a turning point in history that will mark future generations. We must have the ability to choose better – and less is truly more.

I believe that the real difference does not have to be one that changes the world all at once; it must be a constant and transparent effort.

In addition to the use of sustainable materials, I believe that it must be ensured that workers, the planet, and the people that inhabit it are truly taken into account when creating a product. 

All the pieces were designed and created with the mission of accompanying life and witnessing all its great moments: see a first born, accompany the first job, help shine during a great speech, be present on a fun summer vacation night, a company on a great trip and even help tell a grandmother’s story to her first grandaughter.

That's how Ownever was born, created in Portugal, and inspired by the timeless French classic style.

Piece by piece, seam by seam, any Ownever piece is the materialization of the sustainability of the materials you use, the respect for the workmanship that creates it, and the unique lifestyle that it embraces.

The Ownever lifestyle doesn't stop here, it continues with you. That is why I would like to ask that after purchasing an Ownever piece, you take care of it. Because everything you care for lasts a lifetime. After all this is a piece for life!


Thank you for reading my story 😊 

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