Our Commitment

We believe that quality and timelessness should be accessible to everyone. With our main line we make every effort to achieve this. And how do we do it?

We cut out the middlemen



We sell directly to the consumer, reducing our  margin and cutting the resale margin.


We create fewer samples


Given that the line is classic and timeless, samples and prototyping are only done once, as opposed to constantly creating prototypes and new samples.


We keep the design simple


A classic and timeless design lasts a lifetime. By creating timeless products, with no expiration date, which will always be available, season after season, suppliers gain more experience and ways to build them with less waste.


Affordable prices


It is important to explain what an affordable price means to us. This does not mean that we will create handbags for 30€. However, we create luxury pieces at affordable prices. For us, this price means a price that is fair, it means a price that  reflects the specialized work of the supplier, that reflects all the real costs including fair wages, that includes raw material from ethical and sustainable origins, and that represents the quality that lasts for years and years, without the need to use other pieces. In the end, this cost will be diluted by uses and durability.



Our code of conduct


We consider everyone who contributes directly or indirectly to OWNEVER, part of our family, including the environment in which we operate and contribute. In order to hold us accountable, know our values.


We will give the highest levels of care and safety to all our direct employees.

We will do our utmost to minimize our environmental footprint, while trying to cause a regenerative impact and make a positive difference for the local community and environment.

We will pay our invoices on time and according to the agreed payment terms.

We work to achieve the least possible waste.

We have a zero tolerance policy for bribes or corrupt practices.

All people should always be treated with respect, dignity and kindness.

No person should be discriminated against for any reason.

We will communicate any canceled orders to our suppliers within a fair and responsible time.

We will give fair and viable delivery times to our suppliers, which do not trigger excessive working hours or subcontracting.

We will give accurate product specifications to avoid waste.

We will take the utmost care to minimize changes in the specifications given to our suppliers. If changes are inevitable, we will change the desired delivery times accordingly.

We will pay a fair and reasonable price for our products.

We will communicate with our suppliers if we have any problems or concerns, ensuring that they have the opportunity to work with us to resolve them.

We take great pride in producing our products in Portugal, so we are committed to helping to revitalize the industry in which we operate.

We will share our know-how with all companies and people who are starting and need help.

We will continually strive to continue to improve.



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