The most popular Hermès leather types

Hermès is synonymous with high quality, primarily using "full grain" leather, which preserves the top layer of the hide for durability and a natural appearance. This commitment to quality has led to the use of a variety of leather types, some of which are now rare and highly sought after. Among these varieties, you can find the brand's most popular bags such as the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance - often abbreviated as BKC - which are particularly significant, dominating the auction and handbag resale markets.


Top 11 leather Hermès types and how to care for each one


1. Togo Leather

Known for its soft, pebbled texture, Togo leather is celebrated for its durability and lightweight properties compared to other grains. It develops a slight sheen with use, enhancing its supple feel. At Ownever, we recommend regular cleaning and conditioning to maintain its resistance, especially against scratches and water damage.


2. Epsom Leather

Recognized for its rigid and durable nature, Epsom leather features a fine cross-hatched grain. Its ability to retain vibrant colors makes it a favorite for statement pieces. It’s important to preserve its stiffness and protect its surface from wear.

3. Clemence Leather

Similar to Togo but with a softer and heavier feel, Clemence is prone to slouching and shows less veining. It requires careful handling to maintain its structure.

4. Box Leather

As one of the oldest types used by Hermès, Box leather is valued for its smooth finish and ability to develop a rich patina over time. Our restoration services include scratch removal and patina enhancement to honor its legacy.

5. Swift Leather

This newer leather is appreciated for its smoothness and ability to absorb dyes deeply, making it ideal for vibrant colors. Swift leather is delicate and prone to scratches, necessitating gentle cleaning techniques and protective measures to preserve its exquisite appearance.

6. Sikkim Leather

This leather is known for its softness and almost buttery feel. It's lighter than other Hermès leathers, making it suitable for smaller accessories and bags that benefit from a more delicate and flexible structure.

7. Fjord Leather

Durable and heavy, Fjord leather is water-resistant and has a substantial, textured surface that makes it resilient to scratches. It's often used in larger bags where sturdiness is a priority.

8. Barenia Leather

The most expensive leather used by Hermès. Originally used for Hermès saddles, Barenia is a smooth, natural-grained calf leather that is resistant to water and scratches. It develops a rich patina over time, much like Box leather, and is often used in both equestrian gear but also handbags.

9. Gulliver Leather

Known for its smooth texture and matte finish, Gulliver leather is soft and light but less commonly found today as it has been largely replaced by Swift leather. However, vintage pieces made from Gulliver leather are highly valued for their unique qualities.

10. Vache Liegee Leather

The heaviest of Hermès leathers, Vache Liegee has a more pronounced grain and is extremely durable, making it less prone to scratching. It holds its shape well, which is particularly beneficial for larger and more structured bags.

11. Chèvre Leather

Chèvre leather, made from goatskin, is less common but highly prized for its texture and shininess. It features a noticeable spine pattern and is often used in smaller, highly collectible items like the Mini Kelly. Special orders of Chèvre require precise care to maintain their unique characteristics and value.


Ownever’s Commitment

At Ownever, we understand the intrinsic value and complexities of Hermès leathers. Whether you're looking to restore a vintage piece or maintain a recent purchase, our team is equipped with the expertise to provide the highest level of care.  With our convenient pickup and delivery service across Europe, Ownever makes it easy to keep your Hermès leather in pristine condition. 


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